• Asher Cusack

Neon Satsuma Cocktail

A punchy, flavourful cocktail combining European and Japanese ingredients.


Neon Satsuma Cocktail vegan. gluten free.

prep time 10 minutes

servings 1-2


  • 50ml Roku gin

  • 50ml Aperol

  • 50ml freshly squeezed satsuma juice

  • 20ml mirin

  • 20ml orgeat (almond syrup)

  • Ice

  • A thin satsuma slice (optional)


  1. Shake all of the ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker, until thoroughly chilled.

  2. Strain and serve, ideally in a chilled glass with a few large ice cubes.

  3. Garnish with a satsuma slice if you like.

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