• Asher Cusack

Today's Harvest - July 2nd 2021

Today was the last forecast dry weather for a week, so we tried to make the most of it by planting out our little rhubarb plants ready for next year and clearing the neglected quarter of our patch. There's a huge gooseberry bush that's taking up way more real estate than I'd like, so for now I've cut it right back until I decide whether to remove it or just keep it trimmed. We thought all the berries had been eaten by deer, but as I cut it up I uncovered a whole bunch that were hidden among the spines and the long grasses that have woven themselves into the shrub. Our neighbours have decided to plant invasive mint at the border of our land so I had to remove that. It's nice when a weed is edible at least! And then of course I had to pick some elderflower on our walk back to the house. It just smells so good!


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