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Vegan Baked Sugar Cinnamon Pumpkin Donuts

Baked Sugar Cinnamon Pumpkin Donuts

makes 10-12

Ingredients For the donuts:

⅔ cup milk of choice (I used soy)

⅓ cup mashed, roasted pumpkin or squash flesh (or use canned pumpkin)

3 tablespoons butter of choice (I used a plant based one), plus extra for glazing

2½ cups plain flour

¼ cup granulated sugar

1 teaspoon sea salt

1¼ teaspoons instant yeast

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

For the cinnamon sugar:

⅓ cup granulated sugar

1 teaspoon sugar


  1. Preheat the oven to 190c (375f)

  2. Blend the milk, pumpkin and butter until very smooth.

  3. Heat the milk mixture in a pan or microwave until warm but not too hot to touch. This should take about a minute in the microwave.

  4. In a separate bowl whisk together the flour, sugar, salt and yeast.

  5. Stir in the milk mixture and vanilla until a dough is formed.

  6. Let it rest for 10 minutes, then knead for around 5 minutes, until smooth and elastic.

  7. Place in a bowl and cover with cling or a plate and leave to prove at room temperature for 1½ hours hours.

  8. Turn the proved dough out onto a floured surface and roll out to ½ an inch thick.

  9. Cut out 10 to 12 donuts, rerolling as little as possible.

  10. Place the donuts on a lined baking sheet and bake for 10-12 minutes, or until lightly golden.

  11. While they bake, mix the sugar and cinnamon in a bowl.

  12. When the donuts are baked, immediately brush all over with butter and roll in the sugar.

  13. Let them cool for a few minutes, then dig in!

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